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21st May 2014
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look at how cute everyone is

21st May 2014
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Akihiko Yoshida

21st May 2014
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princess peach

21st May 2014
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this episode was so fucked up lmfao

This is my favourite episode of anything

21st May 2014
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21st May 2014
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-August 14th Release in Japan

-Retail - 7,980 yen, eShop - 6,980, Premium Box Set - 11,664 

-Premium set comes with a Triforce shaped clock, and serial codes for 6 special costumes.

-Will also be a ‘Treasure Box’ version available on Amazon and Tecmo Koei’s online store ‘GAMECITY’, but no details yet on what it includes. 

-Developed by ωForce, Team NINJA, supervised by Aonuma. 

-Story is Link an in-training soldier must rescue the Princess Zelda from the witch Shia who has been turned evil somehow. 

-2 player mode where one person is on the GamePad, while another is on the TV. When playing alone the GamePad acts as a menu. 

-Equipping different weapons onto characters will change the way they fight, including speed focused one-handed swords to heavier weapons that focus on damage.

-Weapon upgrade system and character growth/improvement

-Musou action combined with the Zelda series’ Z-targeting means you can avoid attacks and focus on enemy weak spots.

-Zelda series’ spin attack appears instead of the Musou Ranbu (?) of the musou franchise.

-Bombs make an appearance, won’t just be used for throwing at enemies.

-Impa, a captain of the Royal Army, appears as a playable character wielding a giant long sword.

-Several other characters are playable too. Aonuma was surprised by how many. 

-Playable at E3. 

-Development is 70% complete.

21st May 2014
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Key-frames of Mako Mankanshoku being adorable from KILL la KILL episode 7. Hiroyuki Sawano’s BGM & Kazuki Nakashima’s script ! Thank you for breaking my heart.

KILL la KILL (キルラキル) Production Art (X)

21st May 2014
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21st May 2014
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